A revolutionary monitoring solution
for vertical and horizontal tanks
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Vertical heating and system tanks
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Horizontal heating and system tanks
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With the technology of an Otodata® tank monitor integrated into a protective and durable lid, SmartLid is a monitoring system designed to stand up to anything while keeping your service calls to an absolute minimum.
A Lid that can't be topped.
With industry-leading battery life, stand-up-to-anything construction and the ability to work with tanks already in your inventory, SmartLid is:
Easy to install.
  • Installation in the field is easy with no tools or extra training required.
  • Monitor comes pre-activated, saving you time.
Easy to use.
  • Monitor positioned to ensure strongest signal.
  • Incredibly long life from lithium thionyl chloride battery with super capacitor.
  • SmartLid app provides real-time gas level data.
Easy to sell.
  • Fits Worthington Industries tanks already in your inventory.
  • Quality construction with a protective water-proof polypropylene casing.
  • Offers differentiating benefits that will transform your product line.
A Monitoring Solution Like No Other.
The SmartLid's industry-leading Otodata® technology is protected by a durable high strength plastic casing that keeps the monitor out of the way of the valves and connections. The monitor is designed to clip into the lid in a position that ensures a consistent placement for the strongest signal and easy installation.
With a battery life that leads the industry, dual SIM technology for maximum coverage and a waterproof casing to protect the electronics inside, SmartLid will deliver flawless monitoring performance for years. In addition, SmartLid offers unlimited reports and alerts, automatic network updates and an app that delivers tank level readings in real time.
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