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We know what steel can do. Whether good, bad, or downright puzzling. Download our technical case studies to learn how we help steel perform better for our customers.

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Galvanized gets dull fast?

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Parts warped in service?

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Tearing on extruded edges?

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High-maintenance tooling?

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Cracking in forming process?

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Reducing part costs?

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Sourcing a custom surface?

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Heat-treated parts not cutting it?

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Forming challenges? Earing?

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Cracks happening?

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Parts bending and cracking?

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Analyzing structural safety?

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Cracking while drawing?

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Troubleshooting? Exploring solutions? Find out how we help your steel perform better.

Benefit from our expertise. Read technical white papers. And learn how we support you in the lab and on the line: to improve products, create new ones, solve technical problems, train your team, and make sure you find the right metals, processes, and specs. Our technical knowhow helps steel perform better. In the lab and on your line.


Greater stability for cold rolled strip parts.


Using steel from various sources, component stampers had a customer problem: after exposure to heat, the manufactured plates were out-of-flat at service. Read how Worthington explored residual stress and warpage—and figured out how to ensure part stability.

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Acrylic coating protects more than appearance.


We were curious. We knew acrylic coating helped prevent the formation of white rust on galvanized. But how much? And could we find other reasons to use it? Our Materials Support team tested acrylic vs. chromate. Read to learn why acrylic’s the best choice for a variety of manufacturing processes and applications.

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Learn from our experts.

We're ready to share our expertise. All customers—new to seasoned pros—are welcome to learn more from our metallurgy experts:

  • Solving steelmaking processes or improving products
  • Customized metallurgy learning
  • Onsite training
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Process Experts

Annealing makes steel perform better.

Hydrogen annealing improves machinability, facilitates cold-work, and enhances mechanical and electrical properties and stability of dimensions. Just one example of how we combine materials and processes to make steel better.

Testing & Analysis

The proof is in the performance.

You can tap our testing and analytical expertise for new products, materials-related problem solving, quality assurance, supplier trials, and specialty solutions. We have a full range of in-house metallurgical testing capabilities, and trusted partners for welding and forming.

Metallurgical Lab

Put our lab to the test.

Our advanced metals evaluation laboratory is available to support your product and process development. Testing helps predict the performance of a material before it runs live in your facility, using chemistries, mechanical properties analysis, tensile test, hardness tests, and imaging. Our lab is accredited through ISO and QS certifications.

Accreditations include OHSAS 18001 (health and safety), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and ISO/TS 16949 (quality).


Which coating is best? Let us help you find the answer.


Finding the right balance between corrosion rate and coating thickness depends on many factors, including weather, climate, pre-painted or bare coating, and, of course, which steel coating you choose. Get started with facts about galvanized coating vs. galvalume for metal siding and roofing. Or get in touch with us about your needs.

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The HSLA solution uses less material and cuts costs.

We can manipulate the composition of HSLA to create better mechanical properties or resistance to corrosion, with reduced gauge and increased strength. Translation: cost savings. You can also lower freight, packaging, and handling costs. Our automotive and trucking customers use it for lightweighting of parts and components. Download the line card for one example of how HSLA could lower cost per linear foot by 28%, with 40% less steel tonnage required.

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The predictability, reliability, and maximized yields you need from steel.

Steel is a custom product, and every challenge is unique. Let us show you how testing and analysis can help you make it better.

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