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We know how to make steel perform better for you. Our dedicated Materials Support team brings the tools, the talent, the training, and the technology to help you solve the most complex challenges.

Metallurgy Services & Education

Partner with us to get the technical support you need.

From the lab to your line, our expert metallurgists work closely with you on training, technical solutions, product development and improvement, and recommending the right metals, processes, and specs to use.

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White Specks

Seeing spots in e-coating?

Download Solution
Shear-Break Issue

Stamping breaks the chain?

Download Solution
Roll-Forming Residual Stress

Trouble controlling camber?

Download Solution
New Product Tooling

Tools breaking and chipping?

Download Solution
Improved Draw Performance

Material no match for the die?

Download Solution
Improved Steel Grade

Steel not up to the job?

Download Solution
Enhanced Value Lower Cost

Processing costs too much?

Download Solution
Coating Adherence

Special coating not sticking?

Download Solution
Residual Stress

Parts warped in service?

Download Solution
Tears on Extruded Edge

Rejecting parts for tearing?

Download Solution
Formability Issue

Deep-drawn part cracking?

Download Solution
Heat Treating

Heat-treated parts not cutting it?

Download Solution

Rejecting parts for cracks?

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Cracking On Bend

Parts bending and cracking?

Download Solution
Cracking on Drawn

Cracks showing while drawing?

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Forming Challenge

Earing on a drawn part?

Download Solution
Custom Surface

Unique specs and performance?

Download Solution
Tool Wear Improvement

Tool life too short?

Download Solution
Acrylic Coating

Galvanized gets dull fast?

Download Solution
Cost Reduction

Reducing part costs?

Download Solution
Forming Analysis

Analyzing structural safety?

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Now offering onsite training on a wide variety of topics.

Our metallurgy experts will come to you—to teach your team what’s new in steel chemistry, processing, product development, and more. Ideal for training on the basics or advanced education to spur innovation among your most experienced team members.

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The predictability, reliability, and maximized yields you need from steel.

Steel is a custom product, and every challenge is unique. Let us show you how testing and analysis can help you make it better.

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Your dedicated, attentive, multi-function customer service team includes a technical adviser.

Make It All Better

Pricing Advice

As the price of steel goes up and down, your costs, prices, and performance are at risk.

Help to Control Costs

One-Stop Shop

From high quality galvanized to hot rolled to pickling, if it's steel, we make it. Better.

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