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Steel is the stuff of innovation. Partner with us to meet consumer needs, find your competitive edge, and achieve your fuel economy targets. All under one roof.

Success Story

Managing changes through volatile markets.

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A major automaker relocated some manufacturing to the US after tariff negotiations.

We collaborated with them to understand the problem and help work with existing suppliers.

Our solutions helped align cost mechanisms and reduce their risk of steel price volatility…

Linking and leveraging our creative thinking—as well as tons of steel. To solve the problem.

Steel for Automotive

We work harder. To make steel work better for you.

Collaborate with us to adapt to changing consumer needs and government requirements, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and strength.

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How much do you need? What are the specs?

More than half of the passenger vehicles on the road today have Worthington’s steel in them—in more than 50 parts of a vehicle.

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The right steel and bright solutions from our experienced experts will improve your process.

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Pricing Volatility

As the price of steel goes up and down, your costs, prices, and performance are at risk.

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What Sets Us Apart

Customers love us for smarter supply chain solutions and our dedicated customer service teams.

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