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There’s flat. And then there’s temper rolled.

Temper rolling is the process of lightly cold rolling sheet steel. It is typically done after the annealing process, or hot roll after pickling, to improve flatness, minimize any tendency to stretch, strain, and flute, and create a specific surface texture.


Consistent thickness. With the exact finish you need.

The thickness of your steel can typically be reduced 0.5 to 6 percent, changing the gauge and minimizing drawing inconsistencies in the steel. Temper rolling will also ensure your steel obtains the desired surface texture—from matte to finely polished—and mechanical properties. For forming and drawing applications, temper rolled steel ensures you a smooth surface.


Temper a wide range of specs.

Technical DataUSMetric
Material Thickness.010” - .500”2.54 - 12.7mm
Material Width1.00” - 72”25.4 - 1828.8mm
Incoming OD (max)72”1828.8mm
Outgoing ID (max)16”, 20”, 24”406.4, 508, 609.6mm
Weight (max)30,000 lbs13,607 kg
Gauge MonitoringIsotopeN/A

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Need pickling? Our temper rolling mills are in-line at the exit end of our pickle lines. In addition to pickling, our full capabilities integrate slitting, annealing, and other processes to save you time and add value to your project.

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