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Heat + time makes steel work better for you.

You can use our state-of-the-art annealing to produce improved mechanical properties for full-hard cold reduced steel. Annealing creates a consistent, quality material that improves machinability, facilitation of cold-work, mechanical and electrical properties, and dimension stability.


Changing steel’s properties for further processing.

Cold rolling flattens the grains of steel, resulting in harder, less ductile material. The annealing process softens the steel by reshaping grains to their prior circular shape. Steel is annealed in atmospheres that protect the steel from oxygen, heated to a specified temperature, held for a specified length of time, and cooled.


Creating cleaner steel to work with.

Steel hydrogen annealing softens metals, and simultaneously changes the properties of the metal, allowing for further processing and an overall cleaner product. The resulting microstructure also makes it easier to stamp parts. Other benefits of hydrogen annealing include:

  • Higher heat diffusivity
  • More uniform properties
  • Cleaner surface/less smut
  • No nitrogen pickup at surface

Best-in-class knowhow and process.

Worthington Industries was one of the first independent steel processors to offer hydrogen annealing, and we continue to lead with our expertise and materials support. We use high convection bases to drive heat into the coils at an equal rate. Material is heated and held at a specific temperature followed by a controlled cooling process. Collaborate with our Materials Support team to decide how and when to use annealing for your project.

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Our 100% hydrogen batch annealing fits your needs.

Technical DataUSMetric
Number of Bases60N/A
Coil OD (max)1828.8mm1828.8mm
Stack Height (max)R170”170”
Weight (max)165,000 lbs74,842.7 kg

Ready for whatever's next.

Annealing is just one part of getting you exactly the steel you need. We’re a one-stop shop, with the expertise, experience, and capacity to add pickling, slitting and oscillate slitting, temper rolling, and more. Whatever it takes to make your steel perform, we can deliver it.

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Heat-treated parts not cutting it?

Achieving the right hardness can be hard. Our Materials Support team recommended solutions for better consistency.

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