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A sophisticated solution for your bottom line.

As freight, material, and labor costs continue to rise, you’re looking for better solutions. Get just the steel you need when you collaborate with us on first operation blanking. And save time, money, and space.


Another option for starting parts.

Blanking is the process of cutting out a flat, geometric shape, or blank, by feeding a coil into a press and die, to save you steps and materials on your manufacturing floor. We coil-feed our blanking lines so they run at optimal speeds and produce multiple blanks per press cycle.


Made with less waste. Made better.

Auto, truck, and consumer goods manufacturers have discovered the benefits of outsourcing the first step in parts production to us for speed and efficiency. Some products made from Worthington blanks include:

  • Automotive & truck frame components
  • Automotive & truck wheels
  • Lawn mower decks
  • Propane tanks & fire extinguishers

How to eliminate waste, cut costs, and improve productivity.

Our experts have put together a detailed introduction to the workings and benefits of first operation blanking. Listen to our webinar as industry expert Jeff Varner discusses all the benefits. Or review our white paper to learn:

  • The advantages of nesting
  • How nesting is optimized
  • The advantages of outsourcing versus in-house
  • How to calculate Return on Investment
  • What to look for in your operation
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Our solution for maximum material savings.

Nesting in multiple-out dies is a terrific way to save on material. By placing blanks closer together or “inside the scrap,” you minimize wasted materials. Nesting reduces the gross weight per piece, and it drastically improves efficiencies through blanking at master coil widths.


Freestyle, coil-fed laser blanking saves steps.

Our laser technology gives you a flexible option to use with first operation blank applications. Combining the latest fiber optic laser technology with continuous strip feeding and robotic part handling improves your yields by making blanks of varying dimensions from one coil. Precise laser cutting eliminates the expense of dies and creates greater consistency and fewer defects. It's also an optimal choice for making faster alterations and blanking prototypes.

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The larger the part, the greater the potential savings.

If you don’t have the equipment or space to nest a full coil, consider first operation blanking. In general, material-intensive components or parts that strain your capacities are candidates. In any case, you benefit from material savings, less scrap, and improved quality control. In addition, you pay to ship net weight instead of gross weight. With an exact piece count.

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Collaborate with us on a complete solution.

The best time to consult with us is when you’re still in design. Because we’re a full-service steel shop, we have the added processes and services to help you with just-in-time delivery of fully finished blanks, with:

  • Pickling
  • Slitting
  • Oscillate slitting
  • Galvanizing and other coatings
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High-maintenance tooling?

The steel you choose can impact tool life. Learn how we doubled tool life by helping our customer evaluate different grades.

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Your first step in producing a high-quality finished part.

What to do with your “leftover steel” is always a challenge. Deliver more value-added material with blanking from Worthington Industries. Ask us how we can bring you even greater efficiency.

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How much do you need? What are the specs?

Worthington customers who use our nested blanking process get 100% usable material with ready-to-go blanks, with an average savings of 8 percent on materials.

Expert Advice

The right steel and bright solutions from our experienced experts will improve your process.

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Pricing Volatility

As the price of steel goes up and down, your costs, prices, and performance are at risk.

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