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We make both cold rolled strip and cold rolled sheet to your specifications. Cold rolled steel is highly engineered steel made from hot rolled substrate. Cold rolling changes the mechanical properties of steel to better meet specifications for endless applications.


Major automaker honors us for long-term supplier excellence.

In a year of unprecedented upheaval in supply chain and pricing issues, for both suppliers and manufacturers, GM recognized Worthington with one of its highest honors: Supplier of the Year. We celebrate this achievement for the year just past, recognizing our own people for what they do every day—and will keep doing: exceeding customer requirements, providing innovative solutions, and maintaining the highest quality.

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Made for tight tolerances and critical surface appearance.

Compared to hot rolled steel, cold rolled strip provides an improved surface and shape, and can create useful combinations of hardness, strength, stiffness, ductility, and other characteristics. At Worthington, we work with you to help determine the exact chemistry, structure, and process that will yield the cold rolled steel you need for optimal quality and performance.


Greater stability for cold rolled strip parts.

Using steel from various sources, component stampers had a customer problem: after exposure to heat, the manufactured plates were out-of-flat at service. Read how Worthington explored residual stress and warpage—and figured out how to ensure part stability.

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Recommended for less critical, lighter-gauge applications.

Cold rolled sheet still provides improved mechanical properties compared to hot-rolled steel. In sheet form, our steel offers many of the benefits of cold rolled strip, manufactured at wider widths, with wider thickness tolerances to make it more economical.


Best-in-class knowhow and technology.

Collaborate with us to take advantage of the latest manufacturing advancements. Recently, new technology enabled our 56 mill to increase capacity by putting more tons through and delivering wider gauge range, with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. See our speed, service, quality, and on-time delivery in action.


Make your steel whatever it needs to be.

Because cold rolled steel can be used in almost any product imaginable (from cars to coins), our wide gauge range from .010 to .375 inches is just the beginning. We’re a one-stop shop, with the expertise, experience, and capacity to add:

  • First operation blanking
  • Coil-fed laser blanking
  • Slitting, oscillate slitting
  • One-pass rolling, temper rolling
  • Cut-to-length sheets
  • Pickling, annealing
  • Laser welding
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Reducing part costs?

See how we helped a customer maintain the performance of parts with a lower cost alternative.

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Available with standard or custom specs to meet precise requirements.

With our cold rolled capability and technical strengths, we engineer what the mills cannot guarantee—critical specs and ultra-tight tolerances. Download more info to get an idea of what’s possible with our cold rolled strip.

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How much do you need? What are the specs?

Did you know…? Our cold rolled strip is used to manufacture coins—an economical alternative to minting precious metals. Our metallurgical expertise helps nearly 35 countries meet strict requirements for gauge tolerance, and surface and physical properties.

Expert Advice

The right steel and bright solutions from our experienced experts will improve your process.

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Pricing Volatility

As the price of steel goes up and down, your costs, prices, and performance are at risk.

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What Sets Us Apart

Customers love us for smarter supply chain solutions and our dedicated customer service teams.

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