Transport Trailers

Used to haul LNG from a source to a storage tank, our cryogenic transport trailers maximize payload with minimum tanker maintenance.

Our vacuum-insulated cryogenic semi-trailers are designed with more than 60 years of technical expertise. Trailers for the U.S. market feature a unique, lightweight aluminum liner—which allows you to haul more product—and can be customized to your specifications.

These cylinders are ASME certified with ASME U Stamp, National Board certified and DOT-approved (#CT-170). Our U.S. facility repairs or builds to MC -331, MC-338 and CGA-341 as specified by customer.

Trailers for European markets are produced by Worthington-Aritas, a joint venture based in Istanbul, Turkey. These transport trailers range in size from 1,830 L to 30,240 L and depending on customer preference, can be furnished with or without a transfer pump. They are designed in accordance with international standards, such as ASME, GOST, IMO, RID and DOT.

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