Engineered Tanks

We offer vertical and horizontal engineered tanks, customized to your application.

We are proud to be one of the global pioneers in engineered, shop-built, large-format engineered tanks and systems. Our 15,000 to 175,000 gallon ASME-certified tanks can be customized for local seismic zones, valve preferences, extra clean applications and cold climate steels.

Plus, our in-house team is here to:
  • Ensure your project stays on schedule
  • Handle design, manufacturing, logistics, commissioning and install
  • Meet all of your plant or operation storage needs
Discover similar cyrogenic technology with our Regasification Systems

Take a closer look at Worthington's LNG Mobile Pipeline solutions!

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Gross Capacity 15,000 - 175,000 GAL
Standard Pressures (MAWP) 75, 150, 250 PSI