Packaging Services

We offer a variety of services that are designed to help increase the lifetime of your racks, carts, bases and more.

Packaging Repair: Our racks are a durable, long-lasting solution to all types of packaging needs, but they occasionally get damaged. Because of our expertise, we can make the necessary repairs that will give your old racks the same integrity they had when they were built. Get more life out of your racks by setting up a repair schedule to ensure that there is no downtime in your production.

Rack Modifications: When changes are made that affect your packaging requirements, you don’t have to buy a whole new rack system. Instead, we allow you to modify your current rack to satisfy new specifications. Our highly-trained packaging engineers can make modifications—from simple changes, to complicated repurposing—that give you continued use of your rack.

Design Engineering: If you need design help, our packaging engineers will come to your facility for an in-house consultation. They’ll work with your team to access your requirements and offer a solution that best fits your needs.
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