Worthington RoboStor™ by Celltrio

The Worthington RoboStor™ by Celltrio product line provides automated cryogenic storage and retrieval system for sample storage and management. RoboStor™ is designed for research & development, bio banking and cell culturing applications.

Designed with Safety in mind:
  • Robotic retrieval minimizes sample exposure to room temperatures
  • Eliminate manual lifting and reaching into the freezer
Offers enhanced storage security
  • Three-tier audit trail for tracking user actions and data on a per-user basis
  • Inventory management system includes barcode reader to enable sample validation
Provides efficient operations
  • Search function provides quick identification and location of samples in storage
  • RoboStor™ recommends optimized storage locations based on current storage utilization. 
Around-the-clock monitoring
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen delivery is triggered when levels each a predefined value
  • Provides an optional connection to a facility alarm system.
Robotic Unit Dimensions
Height 1,335 mm 52.56 in
Width 798 mm 31.42 in
Depth 639 mm 25.16 in
Cryogenic Storage Tank Dimensions
Height Without Robot 1,343 mm 52.87 in
Inner Diameter 1,122 mm 44.17 in
Outer Diameter 1,190 mm 46.85 in
Storage Capacity
Number of Vials (1.2ml or 2ml internal threaded) 21,600
Number of Racks 18
Number of Boxes per Rack 12
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity
Total LN2 Capacity 900 liters
LN2 under turntable Capacity 167 liters
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