Laboratory System (LS) Cryogenic Refrigerators

The Worthington Industries Laboratory System (LS) Series of cryogenic refrigerators is uniquely designed for vial storage in convenient box-type storage racks.

The liquid nitrogen refrigerators offer maximum holding times, which means lower per vial operating costs and fewer refills. They deliver extremely stable low-temperature profiles due to the aluminum inner vessel, and offer storage capacities of between 750 and 6000 standard 2ml vials.

The LS4800 and LS6000 units are available with the CS100 Controller. The sophisticated automatic level control provides standard alarms, stores more than 500,000 events and is cloud ready for 24/7 freezer management from any smart device.

LN2 Refrigerator Features:
  • Ribbed, high strength aluminum body, magneformed necktube design and durable paint system
  • Rack index location ring and internal location fixture, computer compatible box storage is ideal for simple inventory management
  • Superior vacuum performance
  • Lockable lids
Optional accessories include:
  • Low level alarm for passive monitoring of liquid level
  • CS100 Controller for automatic level control and remote, 24/7 management
  • Roller bases for ease of movement
  • Measuring rods for determining liquid levels inside the refrigerator
Product formerly branded CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton, which was acquired by Worthington Industries.
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