AI Shield™

AI Shield™—Ultimate Protection for Your Dairy’s Semen Viability

Protect Your Investment. Reduce AI Failure.

The AI Shield™ provides a solution for protecting frozen bull semen from adverse temperature fluctuations common in removing the canister from traditional cryogenic refrigerators.

The canister’s innovative thermal protection guards against temperature swings for:
  • Improved sample viability
  • Higher conception rates
  • Increased productivity
Unlike the traditional canisters currently used to store semen in a Dewar, AI Shield™ helps keep bull semen within an acceptable temperature range so it doesn’t get damaged, which increases the success of artificial insemination.

AI Shield™ ensures thermal stability to protect viability of semen.

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This new technology was developed in partnership with Global Good, a collaborative effort between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures to tackle some of humanity’s toughest problems through invention. It was first introduced in East Africa and will be available in North America, South America and Europe.   
The AI Shield™ can be ordered in 1.5L (AIS 1.5) and 3.5L (AIS 3) vessels. Download the spec sheet for full details on dimensions and hold times.

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