Cryogenic Transport Trailers

Our custom cryogenic transport trailers deliver end-to-end solutions to store and haul cryogenic liquids, while maximizing payload.

Worthington’s cryogenic transport trailers are customized to meet the unique needs of our customers and designed to run for years to come. Our trailers feature lightweight aluminum or stainless steel liners for the safe transportation of the specialty liquified gases such as:
  • Liquid Nitrogen (LIN)
  • Liquid Oxygen (LOX)
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Liquid Argon (LAR)
  • Liquid Hydrogen (LH2)

We also offer full rehab, as well as DOT inspection and certification of cryogenic trailers. Our repair capabilities include:
  • PM Inspection per 49 CFR 396
  • DOT inspection and certification of all MC 338 classified trailers (49 CFR 180.407)
    • DOT 1-year external visual inspection
    • DOT 5-year pressure test and inspection
  • Dedicated repair coordinator
  • Vacuum inspection (helium leak detection), repair and reconditioning
  • Dew point analysis
  • ASME coded vessel repairs (U and R stamp)
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Piping/valve repair and replacement (VJ included)
  • Relief valve and gauge testing and recertification
  • Electrical testing and repair (12V)
  • Emergency shutoff system inspection and repair
  • Sandblasting, painting and decal installation
  • Chassis and suspension system inspection, repair and replacement
  • Aluminum and steel welding
  • Pump repair and replacement
  • Maintenance of brakes, lighting, running gear

All trailers are ASME certified with ASME U Stamp, National Board certified and DOT-approved (#CT-13707). Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians build and repair each trailer to MC -331, MC-338 and CGA-341 standards as specified by each customer in our 300,000-square -foot manufacturing facility in Theodore, Alabama.

Our trailers designed for European markets are produced by Worthington-Aritas, a joint venture based in Istanbul, Turkey. These transport trailers range in size from 1,830 L to 30,240 L, and depending on customer preference, can be furnished with or without a transfer pump. The trailers are designed in accordance with international standards, such as ASME, GOST, IMO, RID, ARD and DOT.

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Spec ATL8400-33PE
(Engine drive)
(Hydraulic drive)
(Electrical drive)
Gross capacity (gallons) 8,400
Pressure (PSI) 33
Inner vessel material Alum
Outer vessel material Alum
Spec ATL5150-40PH
(Hydraulic drive)
*(Engine drive available)
Gross capacity (gallons) 5,150
Pressure (PSI) 40
Inner vessel material Alum
Outer vessel material Alum
Spec 6000STL-40PE
(Engine drive)
(Hydraulic drive)
Gross capacity (gallons) 6,000
Pressure (PSI) 40
Inner vessel material SS
Outer vessel material C or C/SS
Spec 17900STL-165P
Gross capacity (gallons) 17,900
Pressure (PSI) 165
Inner vessel material SS
Outer vessel material C or C/SS
Spec ATL12800-70P
Gross capacity (gallons) 12,800
Pressure (PSI) 70
Inner vessel Material Alum
Outer vessel material C or C/SS