Non-Refillable Refrigerant Cylinders

Refrigeration and HVAC technicians choose non-refillable cylinders because they’re portable, easy to use and fully recyclable.

Each non-refillable cylinder comes in a protective shipping carton with an opening for quick, easy filling and use. The cylinder and the carton are available with our standard design or your own custom design.

New and improved refrigerant cylinder design presents our second generation collar and handle with added product authenticity features. View the details here.

Our non-refillable cylinders are produced in ISO 9002-certified manufacturing facilities. They are available in several specifications, including DOT, TC, Korea KGSC, and European EN12205.

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Height 14.6 – 17.6 IN
Service Pressure 260 PSIG
Test Pressure 325 PSIG
Water Capacity 15.8 – 49.6 LBS
Diameter 7.5 - 12 IN
Cylinder Volume 438 – 1,378 CU IN