MicroBulk Cylinders

Flexible installation provides convenience and safety when a bulk tank is too large.

MicroBulk Cylinders provide on-site storage to help maximize operational safety, quality and efficiency. MicroBulk Cylinders offer a flexible installation, with a size that is ideal for users who need less volume than a bulk tank but more volume than liquid or high pressure gas cylinders. Worthington Industries MicroBulk Cylinders are available in both high pressure (HP) and very high pressure (VHP) specifications in the following sizes: 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 liters.
Worthington MicroBulk Cylinders provide secure onsite storage of cold liquid product, providing pressurized gas with gauges that monitor liquid levels at all times. Worthington MicroBulk Cylinders may be installed and operated indoors or outdoors, and customers may choose from a variety of sizes, pressures and configurations to meet all applications.

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