MicroBulk Tanks

When you need MicroBulk solutions for your unique applications, trust Worthington Industries.

Secure, On-Site Storage
MicroBulk tanks provide secure on-site storage of cryogenic liquids to maximize operational safety, quality and efficiency. Product can be used in liquid or gaseous form in applications as diverse as food processing and freezing, high pressure laser cutting, welding, specimen storage and laboratory use.
MicroBulk solutions offer flexibility as your business grows. They can eliminate the need to change out multiple smaller cylinders on a daily basis. Choose from high pressure (HP) or very high pressure (VHP) specifications in the following sizes: 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000 liters. Tanks can be installed and operated indoors or outdoors, and installation is much simpler than a standard bulk tank. 
Exceptional Lead Times and Stocking Programs
Worthington offers exceptional lead times and stocking programs to meet your needs. Our team of engineering, application and customer care specialists can help you right-size your industrial gas system, which has a direct benefit to your company’s bottom line.
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