Our expert engineering team creates highly customized, mission-critical composite cylinders for space applications.

Worthington cylinders are lightweight and optimized for structural efficiency ideal for a variety of functions requiring high pressure storage. Today’s space project managers and engineers are looking for cost effective solutions to solve complex problems. Our large product catalog allows our customers, utilize our 50 years of COPV development to reduce development costs and decrease your project timeline.
Beyond a catalog of previously certified cylinders to base your next cylinder project on, customers can rely on Worthington to CNC neck openings to accommodate any valve need or use our high temperature resin systems for operating temperatures above 125ºC / 260ºF.
Today, Worthington AS9100-certified composite cylinders are used to:
  • Store compressed nitrogen in landing gear systems
  • Power stage separation systems
  • Store oxygen for the passengers and crew
  • Fuel containment
  • Inflate space station modules
Beginning as Structural Composites (SCI) and is born from NASA technology, Worthington continues to serve current space platforms and can meet tight timelines for new customers. Projects where Worthington Space cylinders are found:
  • SpaceX Dragon Capsule and Falcon Rocket
  • International Space Station
  • Phoenix Mars Lander
  • Virgin Galactic Space Ship 2
  • Rocket Lab “Orion” Rocket
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