CNG Type 3 Cylinders

Our CNG Type 3 cylinders feature a seamless, gas-tight metal liner with full exterior composite reinforcement for extreme durability.

When driving range and weight of a vehicle are critical limitations, our Type 3 ultra-lightweight composite cylinders are an ideal option. They provide a 20 to 28 percent increase in driving range over Type 4 composite—the lightest tanks previously available—without increasing vehicle gross weight. Plus, the use of quality material—aluminum and carbon fiber—and optimal design provide the most weight-efficient gas storage at a competitive price.

These durable, lightweight gas cylinders are used in automobiles, light-duty trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses, gas transport trailers and gas transportation modules around the world. Automotive OEMs, retrofitters and after-market integrators appreciate our outstanding quality and reliability.

Product features:
  • Seamless aluminum liner
  • Excellent impact tolerance
  • Greater heat tolerance
  • No filling restrictions in hot or cold weather
  • Superior fast filling efficiency
  • Burst safety factor of at least 3.0
  • Inherent leak before burst fatigue failure mode
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Our CNG tank production facilities in Europe and the US deliver a comprehensive, global supply and service network for CNG containment and storage. 

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