Specialty Coated Steel

Aside from galvanize and galvanneal lines, we also offer:

Dry Lube is a soap-based lubricant that provides a cleaner and safer work environment. It is completely water soluble and easily removed with a hot water rinse. Not only will you experience greater material formability, but you can also increase the life of your dies and decrease die maintenance when you provide a dry lube barrier. 

PrimaCoat simplifies the manufacturing process and helps maintain a cleaner production environment as well. This coating is water based conductive or non-conductive and provides excellent appearance and superior fingerprint resistance. PrimaCoat is applicable for galvanized, hot rolled or cold rolled steel.

Acrylic coating enhances corrosion resistance and provides excellent roll forming lubricity. The finish is clear and can be tinted. Coating weights are G30-G210.

Typical Uses:
Appliances Lockers
Automobiles Office furniture
Garage doors Outdoor storage
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