Tailor Welded Blanks

Predominantly used in the automotive market, tailor welded blanks manufacture products like side frames, wheelhouse inners, engine rails, roof rail reinforcements and front panels.

Tailor welded blanks are made from individual steel sheets of different thickness, strength and coating. These sheets are joined together by laser welding. This process ensures that the finished part features the right material in the right place, which provides a key advantage in weight reduction.

Thicker or higher-strength materials are used in highly stressed areas, while thinner sheets or deep-drawing grades are used in other areas. This allows a flexible part design that fully optimizes the material properties available.

The use of tailor welded blanks eliminates the need for additional reinforcements and overlapping joints in the body. This helps save material, eliminate operations and further reduce total weight. These blanks are a significant enabler to help meet specified CAFE targets. Reducing the weight of a vehicle by 25 percent results in a 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption.
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