Galvanized Steel

What is Galvanized Steel?

Hot-dipped galvanizing is the process of applying a thin layer of zinc directly on to steel. Galvanized steel has enhanced corrosion protection and is used mainly where rust resistance is required. This process is used to protect the quality of steel at a longer time.

Worthington offers the broadest range in the industry:

  • Inline temper pass up to 1.0% elongation
  • Material Thickness:  0.018” - 0.250”
  • Coating Weight: G01 – G400
  • Material Width: 28” – 62” (We can slit to your desired final width - Please contact us)

Many of our customers benefit from different options tailored for your market:

  • Differential coatings available  - i.e. we can apply G30 to one side of the coil and G90 to the other - minimizing your costs.
  • Galvanneal coatings available
  • Full service in-house offerings, including Cut-to-Length and Slitting
  • Unlike many other processors, we can galvanize cold rolled and hot rolled steel
  • Our shipping capabilities are across the U.S. by Rail and Truck transportation
  • Acrylic* coating can be applied in line at the galvanizing line on top of the zinc
*Acrylic coating enhances corrosion protection of zinc and can help keep zinc looking brighter longer. The acrylic improves lubricity during roll forming/forming. It is applied over hot dip galvanize so can be considered if  your coating requirements are G30-G210.Our primary product is non-tinted. 
Products that use Galvanized Steel:
Automotive Culvert
Decking Electrical enclosure
Framing connectors Grain bins
Guardrails Heavy trucks
In-ground pools Metal framing/studs
Purlin & girt Strut
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