Configured Blanks

We’re the only processor that can pickle, coat, slit and blank in one place. Lower your cost when you complete multiple processes under one roof.

Configured blanking is the process of creating a flat, geometric shape or blank through feeding a coil into a press and die. Our blanking lines are coil-fed so we can run at efficient speeds and produce multiple blanks per press cycle. When possible, we run master-coil widths to eliminate the slit process, lower costs and reduce scrap.

We reduce the gross weight of a blank through efficient nesting in multiple-out tooling. Our customers save on freight by shipping only net weight and leaving the rest behind. This ensures that you don’t have to pay to ship steel that you end up scrapping in your first operation.

Can first operation blanking help your business eliminate waste and money? Click here and read our white paper, "The Cost of Living in a Material World." 

We produce configured blanks for products like:
  • Lawn mower decks
  • Automotive and truck frame components
  • Automotive and truck wheel blanks
  • Circle blanks for propane tanks and fire extinguishers

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