Multiple Element Gas Container

Designed for long-term storage and transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG), these containers make CNG accessible where it is not available by pipeline.

Worthington’s MEGCs feature lightweight, Type III composite cylinders, which offer dual benefits of increased payload capacity and durability.
Manufactured at Worthington Industries’ Slupsk, Poland location, the gas containers are certified to ADR/TPED and are available to global markets excluding North America.

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Number of Cylinders (PCS) 35 - 150
Total Water Capacity (L) 9,450 - 40,500
Operating Pressure at 15°C (BAR) 250
Total Gas Capacity at 15°C (M3) 2,596 -11,861
Total CNG Weight at 15°C - Density 0,834 KG/M3 (KG) / Molar Mass 20,2 G/MOL 2,165 - 9,892
Water Capacity of One Cylinder (l) 270
Max. Total Weight: Container + CNG (KG) 7,215 - 31,509
Weight of Empty Container (KG) 5,050 - 21,617