Type 3 Rail Mount

NEW! Introducing our Type 3 Rail Mount – the evolution of the trucking industry.

Worthington Industries’ alternative fuels systems are engineered to be the most efficient, reliable and safest products on the road. We engineered the Type 3 Rail Mount CNG fuel system with input from truck OEM, installers, and fleet owners looking for a diesel-like experience. This new fuel system improves financial performance with minimal conversion barriers by reducing the upfront costs of CNG fuel systems.

The Type 3 Rail Mount employs truck OEM factory-installed brackets to hold our polished aluminum cylinders, which have an identical fit and finish to diesel tanks.

The new system features Worthington’s Type 3 cylinder, which provides superior impact durability, protecting the driver and the company in the event of a side impact.

These systems are lightweight, allowing fleets to capture the benefits of Type 3 cylinders without sacrificing weight.

See the Type 3 Rail Mount in action— watch our testimonial video.

To discover how our fuel systems can be optimized for your fleet, please call 877.860.0534 or email altfuelsystems@worthingtonindustries.com. 
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Capacity (DGE) 25 - 49
Cylinder Type 3
Water Volume (L) 330 - 618
System Dry Weight (LBS) 572 - 767
Weight of Gas at 100% Full 165 - 308
System Wet Weight (LBS) 737 - 1075
(A) System Height (IN) Total 28
(B) System Width (IN) Total 27
(C) System Length (IN) Total 80-130

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