Type 3 Rail Mount Testimonial

Worthington Industries knows that the truck you drive is an important source of identity and pride for a trucker. That’s why we designed our new Type 3 Rail Mount system to embrace the look and feel of a traditional diesel fuel truck, paired with the environmental advantage of a compressed natural gas fuel system. Kevin Keeney, Vice President of Food Express Inc. in Arcadia, California agrees.

"It looks like a diesel truck. It looks like something that those of us that’ve been around the industry a long time are accustomed to. Again, what really brings this product is the simplicity.” This simplicity is achieved by utilizing factory straps, steps and mounting brackets, for an identical ingress and egress to a diesel truck."

Each industry-leading Worthington Type 3 Cylinder is made with a gas-tight, seamless aluminum liner and wrapped in carbon fiber for full exterior composite reinforcement. The cylinders are baked to be ten times stronger than steel at one-fourth the weight. Every cylinder is ultrasonically scanned, fully hydrostatically tested for leaks, and then cylinders are randomly selected for burst testing.

“We continue to practice safety through every aspect of our business. Your drivers [are] one of your most important assets and we’ve got to help protect them,” says Jim Rike, Director of Business Development at Worthington.

Food Express Inc. runs 25 trucks with the Worthington Type 3 Rail Mount and are planning to expand in the near future, according to Keeney.  

“What really got us on the whole [Worthington Fuel Systems] thing was their innovation to try and take it to the next level. […] I would look at Worthington as being very committed and responsive to its customers’ needs with a very strong attention to detail.”

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