Autogas Toroidal

Our LPG autogas toroidal tanks are used for fuel storage in passenger cars and commercial, delivery and recreational vehicles.

The unique shape of our toroidal tanks allows the tank to be placed in the trunk of a passenger car. This gives more cargo space, which is ideal for taxis and fleets.

With more than 1,000 LPG tank models available from our manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, we can provide the LPG tanks you need for alternative fuel applications. Custom-built solutions are available for dedicated OEM applications.

Our LPG autogas cylinders are certified to all major international certifications. Product type approvals include UN ECE Reg. 67.01, TUV, ASME, GOST, CCOE and AS509.

Our LPG autogas toroidal tanks are now ASME-approved for the North American market: US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

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