Onboard LNG taking hold in the marine world

Conversion of vessels to dual-fuel with LNG is taking hold around the world. That’s because LNG is less combustible, safer if spilled and more compliant with emissions standards. With more ports adding liquid natural gas bunkering, we’re supplying the marine industry with the LNG transport, storage and onboard fuel storage tanks, and the design engineering support to make the conversion a success.

Our cryogenic transport trailers can carry LNG to the dock or direct-fuel ships. Our engineered tanks can store fuel for on-shore bunkering, in ISO containers for ship-to-ship bunkering, as well as complete vessel fuel supply systems.

If you’re shipping from dry dock out to sea, take a look at our marine hoists. Each hoist tank component can be custom engineered and designed to meet your specific needs.

We’re here to help educate you and your teams on the possibilities of LNG. Take advantage of our team’s vast expertise in regulatory maritime standards and outstanding customer service.

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  • Marine Hoists, Wheels and Cradle Assemblies