Heavy Truck

Providing fuel system solutions and a variety of steel to the heavy truck market

A savvy supply chain is crucial for heavy truck manufacturers. Not only do they depend on their customers to develop precise demand forecasts, they also depend on their suppliers to be flexible and able to respond to changing demands quickly. Worthington offers strategic supply chain solutions for many of our heavy truck customers. Our close proximity to mill sources and multiple locations help improve our speed in material availability and delivery.

Our customers buy our hot rolled, galvanized and cold rolled strip steel to build parts such as frame rails, wheels, chassis, seats and a variety of other components. As fleet fuel system conversions to CNG and LNG continue to rise, the heavy truck market also experiences Worthington's OEM-level program management for onboard fuel tanks and fuel supply system integration.

Customers come back to us because of our ability to meet strict specifications and our ability to leverage our buying power to lock in longer-term pricing. 

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