Fuel Tank Breakthroughs

Worthington Industries launches new propane autogas fuel tank

From the first DOT-approved composite fuel tank, developed nearly 40 years ago, to a new space-saving LPG tank that fits in a car trunk, we’re creating new ways to fuel cars, buses and trucks. 

We design and manufacture the widest variety of alternative fuel cylinders in the world, including types I, II, III, IV and ASME. 

For decades, we’ve designed and manufactured alternative fuel cylinders for all types of vehicles – passenger vehicles, buses, trucks and fleets. As access to abundant, low-cost, clean natural gas has become available, we’re fueling up our efforts. Our most recent development is our new propane autogas fuel tank, which fits in the spare-tire space of a car. Popular in Europe, South America and Asia, the tanks were recently certified to stringent ASME requirements for North American markets.
We’ve also helped develop the safety standards for fuel tanks in partnership with OEMs and regulatory organizations like the U.S. Department of Transportation, which are organizations searching for higher-mileage, lower carbon-footprint fuel systems like CNG, LPG and hydrogen.