Lawn & Garden

Serving lawn and garden products across our portfolio

We serve the lawn and garden market with steel, engineered cabs and cylinders. Our steel is used to manufacture lawn mower decks and blades, chain saws, wheelbarrows and more. Our customers include OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. We also sell portable propane tanks to retailers who offer camping, tailgating and cooking supplies.

Why do OEMs like John Deere choose us to make cabs for their mowers? They say we bring better ideas for fit and finish, a clear design vision and the experience to get them into production quickly.

We know that safety is serious when it comes to liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. Our customers say they rest easier knowing that we test our cylinders beyond standard safety regulations, including dual-leak testing to ensure reliability.

Our customers also tell us that they appreciate our technical support and project management expertise. This comes from more than five years in the business—and we’ll put all of it to work to meet your specific needs. 

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