Military and Defense

In the lines of defense, our products help you stay one step ahead

Our products are critical components used in a wide variety of military and defense systems.

We supply tier one military and defense components used to convert commercial and consumer products for combat. These products include weapon holders, armor kits, aluminum cases for handheld flares, caliber cases, fuselage for missiles, rifle holders, shotgun coating, grenade shells and ammunition. Our steel can be found in shotgun and grenade shells and military vehicles.

Our in-house engineers develop, test and qualify new designs to suit our customers’ unique needs, from machined aluminum components used in artillery ordnance components and rifle scope bodies to pressure cylinders used in compressed gas systems on ships, aircraft, vehicles, and weapon systems. Our composite cylinders are used for emergency air storage, re- breathers, oxygen egress systems, pneumatic activations systems, ejector seats emergency systems and engine start/restart systems. With AS 9100 Certification and decades of experience developing cylinder technologies, we are a knowledgeable, reliable partner for highly-demanding military and government projects.

To support military construction operations, we build cabs for military-grade off-road vehicles.  We partner with vehicle OEMs to develop unique cab solutions.  These cabs meet specific requirements for operator protection, climate and environmental exposure. 

Keep in mind: we customize every order, so our engineers and designers are always ready to tackle your specific challenge.


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