Decades of success in utilities make us trusted experts

Steel and cab products keep utility customers covered. Products made from our steel include panel boxes, cabinets and enclosures, outlet boxes, lighting equipment, welding wire and engineered cabs. Our cabs are used on machines servicing remote-location transmission lines, as well as machines for trenching and boring. Our cab development process is quick and cost-efficient. We create a proposal that outlines the cab design, the cost to build and working prototypes. Our cab manufacturing is all-inclusive—the steel structure, as well as all interior and exterior parts.

We build cabs for exploration machines that send seismic waves through the ground to find oil. We also make cab accessories like windshield screens and tree-limb guards.

Our customers have confidence in us because they know we offer expert technical support and project management.

Keep in mind: we customize every order, so our engineers and designers are always ready to tackle your specific challenge.

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