Mobile Pipeline

Our mobile pipeline solutions efficiently move LNG from plant to customer

Where a traditional pipeline doesn’t exist, we create ‘mobile’ pipelines, where natural gas can be liquefied for more efficient transport, shipped by truck and stored until it needs to be turned to back to gas for use to power equipment, heat facilities or fuel vehicles. 

With more than 2,000 LNG applications completed to date and more than 35 years’ experience in cryogenics, our engineering and development team helps design, develop and build out custom LNG projects for customers around the world. We offer all the components to build the right mobile pipeline for you, from engineered and bulk tanks for on-site LNG storage to ISO containers and cryogenic trailers used to transport cryogenic liquids.
Talk with us about your LNG operation or end-user needs.

Learn more about the following:

  • Bulk Storage
  • Engineered Tanks
  • ISO Containers
  • LNG Custom Capabilities
  • Skidded Regasification
  • Transport Trailers