Exploration & Production

Products for the oil and gas industry

Our experience manufacturing highly customized products for highly regulated markets extends to the growing U.S. oil and gas exploration and production industry.

At Worthington, we work hard from consultation to installation to be the leading experts in oil and gas production equipment and process solutions. We make storage tanks, separation equipment and impact extruded components for well pad equipment used across the U.S. With the additions of Westerman, Steffes Corporation’s tank division and Midstream Equipment Fabrication (MEF), we have strategically located our facilities in or near all major shale plays for easy accessibility to our customers.

Westerman is the longest-standing surface-level tank and gas processing unit (GPU) manufacturer east of the Mississippi River and Midstream Equipment Fabrication has developed a proprietary separation unit that yields greater throughput, requiring less equipment on each well pad and produces higher purity crude over traditional oilfield separators.   

Our cylinders and cabs go into many parts of the oil and gas industry. When we build cabs for blast hole drills made around the world, we help design the interior components, floor mats and headliners. We also make cabs for seismic vibrator trucks that explore the ground looking for oil. In steel, we make impact products for the oil industry. These include sucker rod couplings and bull plugs.

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