We know agriculture cabs and off-grid power

We engineer, design and build cabs for tractors - from small to some of largest in the world, along with combines, sprayers, small loaders and more. Companies often partner with us to custom engineer innovative and niche cab designs for their markets.

Our customers tell us that our vast experience in testing standards and industry regulations is the reason they work with us. We also offer multiple processes under one roof within close proximity to the mill sources, which reduces freight and processing time. Our combined expertise comes from more than 40 years in the business—and we’ll put all of it to work to meet your specific needs.

Ag customers can also rely on our LNG bulk storage and regasification units for power generation. Examples include drying grains, maintaining temperatures for optimal egg production or utilizing boilers for food processing. In addition to considerable fuel cost savings over diesel or propane, LNG is ideal for those businesses that are considered off grid and do not have adequate pipeline supply.

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