High-Pressure Steel

Well-known for their industry-leading light weight and large standing base, our steel high-pressure cylinders are the preferred choice for gas distributors worldwide.

Our industrial cylinders are used around the world for applications like welding, medicine, laboratories, food and beverage technology, fire protection equipment and water treatment.

Our Longlife Powercoat coating is unique in the industry for its special pre-treatment. This helps ensure the highest corrosion resistance, superior adhesion and high impact resistance. Powercoat also helps your packaged gas look appealing for a long time.

Steel high pressure cylinders are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory located in Kienberg, Austria. Our cylinders are sold and distributed globally and can be produced to a variety of international specifications based on regional and country-specific requirements.  

Our high-pressure cylinders are available in standards like EN 1964-1, EN 1964-2, ISO 4705, IS7285, DOT 3AA, TC 3AAM, BS 5045, ISO 9809-1, ISO 9809-2 and ISO 9809-3.

Please contact your local representative for more information on cylinder models and specifications that are available in your area.

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