Price Risk Management

Providing customers a fixed price for raw materials

When you rely on materials with prices that fluctuate, it can be unsettling. That’s why we developed our price risk management services. They let you lock in your price so that your manufacturing margins stay the same regardless of raw material prices.

We can help you match supply with demand, eliminate speculation and reduce earnings volatility—which decreases your risk of carrying inventory in a volatile market.

We’re a leader in managing steel market futures and partners with customers to help reduce pricing risk for raw materials by providing a fixed price. Every day we trade domestically and internationally, allowing us to help match demand with supply, eliminating speculation and reducing volatility. Pricing volatility for raw materials impacts the entire supply chain. Iron ore price impacts the Hot Rolled steel pricing, which in turn impacts the price of scrap. Stainless steel and aluminum are other materials for which we can create cost solutions.

We partner with customers to create a mutual commitment on price, quantity and delivery, eliminating worry and saving money.

Ask your sales manager how to reduce your risk of fluctuating pricing by choosing a fixed cost solution.