Price Risk Management

Manage Profit Expectations and Minimize Pricing Fluctuations

Effective Price Risk Management protects your profit margins and minimizes risk. It reduces risk across the entire
supply chain. Stabilized pricing and supply tends to help increase demand (sales) and profitability. 

Worthington Industries is the leader in steel market futures

  • Providing fixed prices
  • Matching supply with demand
  • Elminating speculation and volatility

We partner with customers to create a mutual commitment on price

  • Helping eliminate risk while saving money

  • Trading daily, domestically & internationally

  • Offering index, spot, firm or any combination

  • Selecting mills or requesting mill directed

**Our pricing group is centralized to better partner with you and meet the needs of your business**

Learn more about Price Risk Management at Worthington by reaching out to your local sales representative for additional information. Or complete the "contact us" form online and someone will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

To read more about how Worthington can help protect your margins, download our white paper, "Four Price Risk Management Strategies to Protect Margins in a Volatile Steel Market."