Metallurgy support

Dedicated metallurgists in every facility

With metallurgists in each steel processing facility and many other manufacturing operations, customers trust our in-house experts for product development, testing and quality assurance. Ask any of our metallurgists what they do and they will tell you, “I am our customer’s metallurgist.”

To provide quality products that our customers expect, extreme care is taken to select, optimize, and evaluate materials that meet strict regulatory requirements. Our metallurgists play a vital role in making Worthington Industries a technical leader in metals processing. They travel with our sales team, frequently work hand-in-hand with customers in their facilities and support customer needs by:
  • Aiding in providing solutions to current metallurgic challenges
  • Offering recommendations on the type of metals to use to make products
  • Assisting in new product development
We put decades of experience to work for each customer. When faced with a quality material challenge, keep our metallurgy team in mind.

See how our metallurgists are impacting the production of high strength steels.