Vacuum Technology

Our cryogenic cylinders use a unique ‘thermos’ approach to keep liquefied gases cold, making it possible to store and transport more molecules. Decades of vacuum technology and insulation wrapping experience go into every cryogenic vessel we manufacture.

Cryogenic vessels are only as good as their vacuum.

We’ve created cryogenic liquid cylinders with proprietary vacuum technology that takes the guesswork out of measuring vacuum and used decades of experience to create machinery that ensures uniform insulation required for the vessels to perform effectively. Our liquid cryogenic vessels perform with vacuum levels at or below 10 micron (10 millitorr), by heating the inner vessel to drive off moisture while simultaneously pumping on the vacuum space.

We offer several insulation types for large cryogenic vessels including MLSI, perlite, polyurethane and rock wool. Application, environment and product type (engineered tanks, bulk storage, ISO containers, trailers, etc.) are used to determine the appropriate insulation for each unique product.

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