Steel Oscillate Slitting

Oscillate wound, slit coils increase productivity and reduce scrap and downtime.

Oscillate slit coils are a solution for manufacturers who strive for productivity gains and improved yields. Coils are slit according to specifications and wound in an oscillate manner (like a spool of thread). During the process, several narrow coils are welded end-to-end and wound into one larger coil for the purpose of saving coil setup time, damage from coil handling and scrap.

Our oscillate slit coils have 10 to 15 times as much steel as a traditional ribbon wound coil, eliminating the loading and downtime necessary when working with multiple, smaller coils.

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Material Thickness .015" - .125"
Material Width 0.49" - 2.5"
Face Width 11", 12" or 14"
Incoming OD (max) 72"
Outgoing ID (max) 16"
Weight (max) 6,000 lbs
Recoilers 13
Gauge Monitoring Isotope