Steel Cold Rolling

Cold rolling steel can create steel that is up to 20 percent stronger. Cold rolling also improves the surface finish, improves ductility, stiffness and hardness.

Cold-rolling steel is the process of steel flattening by passing the steel through a series of rollers. It is called Cold Rolling (or Cold Rolled) because the steel is kept below its recrystallization temperature. Cold rolled sheets and strips are available in a variety of conditions: full-hard, half-hard, quarter-hard and skin-rolled.

Full-hard steel has been reduced in thickness by as much as 50 percent. Full hard has a high dent resistant surface. The other conditions gradually produce less of a reduction until you reach what is called skin-rolled steel. Skin-rolled involves the least amount of reduction in thickness and is therefore extremely formable. This type of steel is used for deep drawing applications.

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Material Thickness .010" - .375"
Material Width 8.00" - 51.50"
Incoming OD (max) 74"
Outgoing ID (max) 20", 24"
Weight (max) 50,000 lbs
Gauge Monitoring X-ray