Steel Annealing

Worthington Industries’ hydrogen annealing steel treatments are regarded as among the best in the steel industry.

As one of the first independent steel processors to offer hydrogen annealing, our steel treatments are state-of-the-art, producing a consistent, quality product.  

Steel hydrogen annealing softens metals and simultaneously changes the properties of the metal allowing for further processing and an overall cleaner product. We use high convection bases to drive heat into the coils at an equal rate. Material is heated and held at a specific temperature followed by a controlled cooling process.

Annealing improves machinability, facilitation of cold-work, mechanical and electrical properties and stability of dimensions.

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100% hydrogen batch annealing .
Number of Bases 60
Coil OD (max) 72"
Stack Height (max) 170"
Weight (max) 165,000 lbs