Leadership and

Board of Directors


  • John P. McConnell

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Andy Rose


  • Geoff G. Gilmore

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Dale T. Brinkman

    Senior Vice President - Administration, General Counsel and Secretary

  • Joseph B. Hayek

    Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Cathy M. Lyttle

    Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Virgil L. Winland

    Senior Vice President - Manufacturing

  • Kumar A. Chheda

    Vice President - Transformation

  • Sonya L. Higginbotham

    Vice President - Corporate Communications & Brand Management

  • Cliff J. Larivey

    Vice President - Purchasing

  • Michael H. Luh

    Vice President - Innovation

  • Matt Schlabig

    Chief Information Officer

  • Richard G. Welch



  • John P. McConnell

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Kerrii B. Anderson

    Private Investor & Professional Board Advisor

  • John B. Blystone

    Retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, SPX Corporation

  • Mark C. Davis

    Private Investor and Chief Executive Officer, Lank Acquisition Corp.

  • Michael J. Endres

    Partner, Stonehenge Financial Holdings, Inc.

  • Ozey K. Horton, Jr.

    Independent Advisor & Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company

  • Peter Karmanos, Jr.

    Retired Executive Chairman of the Board and Founder, Compuware Corporation

  • Carl A. Nelson, Jr.

    Independent Business Consultant

  • Dr. Sidney A. Ribeau

    Professor of Communications, Howard University

  • Mary Schiavo

    Member, Motley Rice, LLC