At more than 100 feet deep, it's important to have scuba equipment divers can trust. That’s why each of our scuba tanks is designed to perform in unique underwater pressure.

Our scuba cylinders are used for all diving applications: commercial, scientific, military, police and recreational divers around the world.

Recreational divers prefer our lightweight, aluminum SCUBA cylinders (which are available in several colors). Popular among professional and military divers, our CARBON-DIVE 300 diving cylinder has a filling pressure of 300 BAR, which gives divers approximately 40 percent more air.

Our production facility in Austria manufactures Type I and Type II cylinders for the European SCUBA market.

We are now certified to AS standards for the Australian market.

Contact our U.S. distributor, XS SCUBA, for product details. 

Learn more about Worthington's Industrial Products!

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